Free Book Discussion

Join Kim for a live 3-part discussion on the book Becoming Me While Raising You!

Tuesday’s in September at 7:30pm CST
September 7 | September 14 | September 21 | September 28

Kim is excited to share more personal stories and allow opportunities for her readers to connect with others about what they are learning as they read through her book.

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    Week 1:  Becoming Me – a discussion of the limiting beliefs I took on unconsciously in my childhood that affected who I felt I was and the choices I was making as I grew into young adulthood. Those beliefs: I am not worthy of being heard, I need to perform for love and approval, I can’t trust myself, I’ll never be good enough, I don’t make healthy choices, be careful with money. What is a limiting belief and how does it affect my life?
    Week 2:  Raising You – a discussion of how the limiting beliefs I’d taken on in my childhood were playing out over and over again in my marriage and parenting of five kids. In addition, we will discuss how my son’s call in May of 2008 was my “parenting wake-up call” and the journey I took with him through his addiction to alcohol that ultimately became my awakening to consciousness and intentional living.
    Week 3:  Becoming Me While Raising You – the work of shifting limiting beliefs into those that better served the relationship I have with myself and with those I love most. Integrating new beliefs into your life.
    Week 4:  BONUS SESSION – Join me for a FREE preview lesson from my 8-week course. Together we’ll talk about the goals YOU want to set for the most important relationships in your life. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right??

    What others are saying about
    Becoming Me While Raising You

    “Becoming Me While Raising You is a compelling story of one woman’s journey through life and into motherhood to find her own authentic voice. Kim brings the reader deeply into her world. In order to fully understand herself she looks back at the puzzle pieces of her life which contributed to how she arrived where she is today. Kim shares her unique perspective as a mother of a child with an addiction and how she survived and in the end thrived. Through the sharing of her journey, the reader is given insight and understanding into themselves, their belief systems and the impact those belief systems may be having on their present day life. Kim offers support and advice along the way through her own example of surviving one of life’s hardest challenges. This non-fiction book reads like fiction and I was unable to put it down once I began reading. Kim’s book is a must read for every mother who is overwhelmed and looking to find the answers that lie within their very own heart.”


    Janet Philbin, LCSW, CHt
    Author of Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth

    “Do not read this book if you don’t have a few hours to spare. You will not want to put it down! The author of Becoming Me While Raising You, Kim Muench, will take you through a myriad of emotions. I went from shock to sadness to sobbing out loud and finally to joy to see how she was able to undo the pain of the past to move forward. I could see myself inside these pages and felt like I was right there with her through her powerful journey to becoming herself. It gave me hope. All women could benefit from reading this. Thank you Kim.”


    Jennifer McCallum, Parent Guide Inc.